Writers Wednesday: Victor Sardenberg – Unbuilt Beauties


The Cloud is the kick off for Coop Himmel(b)lau. Challenging gravity in 68, the project was detailed to be built in Documenta in Kassel. Challenging materiality, the building is mobile, made more of air than matter. Not being built is the culmination of this fact. Not being built made it possible to spread it like […]


Katharina Grosse drenches Cologne Subway Station in colors


It´s that time of the year again – the official beginning of the foolish/festive cCarneval season  Germany´s Carneval headquarter, Cologne. On this occasion, not only the citizens get all dressed and colored up, also the light rail system of the city`s North-South Line /Subway Stop: Chlodwigplatz gets a colorful makeover by German painter Katharina Grosse. […]


“Field Trip” – a collaboration between Independent Collectors and Indechs


“Field Trip” is a biweekly collaboration between and Independent Collectors – an online platform for collectors of contemporary art. Carefully curated and documented through our own personal experiences, each online article is a personal journey within the art world; featuring exclusive studio visits and exhibition views from galleries and museums world wide. This week´s […]


Moby – Dancing About Architecture


Architecture lover Moby, who actively runs his own architecture blog,  has curated an imaginary tour of buildings around the world and underlined each with a track. Illustrated by London based artist Adam Simpson, who has worked for the New Yorker, GQ and Wallpaper, Moby combined a selection of beloved buildings with their perfect musical accompaniment. […]


Like a bull in a china shop


Recycling done differently –  in the Maruhiro Flagship Store in Hasami, Japan, customers walk on a platform out of more than 25.000 cups, plates and bowls. Japanese designer Yusuke Seki took the century old Japanese tradition of pottery as an inspiration for the new shop design: The designer used the pottery from surrounding ceramic industries that […]


‘As if it were already here’ – Boston`s Greenway gets a floating cover up by Janet Echelman

© Melissa Henry

Janet Echelman’s has created a sculpture that spans over 600 feet, 365 feet above Boston`s Rose Kennedy Greenway.  The installation occupies a void where an elevated highway once divided the city`s downtown from its waterfront and is on view through October 2015. As described by Echelman, “the sculpture’s form echoes the history of its location. […]



Saturday Soundtrack

2003 – a historic year in film music history. Film music giant Jerry Goldsmith worked again with director Richard Donner on the project Timeline, a science fiction adventure film based on the novel by Michael Crichton. It stars Paul Walker, Frances O´Connor and Gerard Butler. The last time, both director and composer worked together, was […]