U-Ram Choe will take you to another world

Katharina Khadjavi informs on Asian and African Art

Seoul based artist U-Ram Choe, is one of the most innovative artists coming from the South Korean capital. His kinetic sculptures resemble live creatures taking the viewer to a new world full of harmony and magic. I was able to witness one of those profound creatures at the Asia Society in 2011 and have been his greatest fan ever since. The work at the time, named Custos Cavum, resembled a life size seal skeleton, animated to breathe. The authenticity this artificial creature carried is impossible to explain which is why I ask you to look at the first video attached and give it your own thought.

Using a myriad of meticulously crafted components, machined from a range of high end engineering materials is what enables him to create such a life-like experience. The inspiration behind his works not only lies in creating new forms of life through mechanics, but cores in rethinking the flow of life, combining mechanics with mysticism. This intriguing space between engineering, science and art opens a window upon a world that challenges ones understanding of what life has been, is and could be. His creations appear transcendental yet strangely habitual, their presence imbued with undeniable organic qualities due to their animated responses and pre-programmed movements. 

Currently on display in Istanbul at the Borusan contemporary Gallery, his ability to create otherworldly mechanical sculptures is more than worth seeing.

For a more intimate view into U-Ram Choe’s life and works watch the videos above featuring an interview with the artist at his studio in Seoul.
By Katharina Khadjavi - sourced from Perth Festival Visual Arts (2012)

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