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Popular for highly selected, unique content from the fields of architecture, art and design, exclusive interviews with protagonist from the respective fields and fresh, inspirational daily updates, Indechs had grown into an influential online magazine. Targeting professionals and enthusiasts for art, architecture and design, Indechs has built up an active, international community and strong social networks, with growing readership numbers.

It´s global reach, targeted content and a knowledgeable, affluent, creative readership make it attractive to partner with Indechs. In order to achieve the highest, most effective outcome for the respective partner, Indechs offers various options.

For further information on advertising, engaging and collaborating with Indechs, see below or contact our Marketing director Jenny.




Partner & page specific banners with respective names / campaigns / occasions are placed among Indechs daily content, reaching a wide international readership of art, architecture and design professionals. Banners will also appear within the Indechs archive placed through related tags to generate a permanent reach.

Project Partnerships

More than just an advertisement, Project Partnerships are brand associations with exclusive and unique content. Collaboratively developed topics appear in serial intervals across several month, allowing the reader to identify the highly selected content with the adjacent partner in a subtle, yet very positive manner.

Newsletter Ad

Our newsletter is sent out once a week to a global, growing readership. It presents selected content, summarizing what has happened on Indechs all week. Thereby, the reader receives a brief, exclusive overview, rather than daily updates. Targeting the entire Indechs community, the brand or campaign name is included in the weekly newsletter.