New Furniture


The recent exhibition at the design gallery Chambers, in New York presents a collection of furniture, curated by Matylda Krzykowski as an homage to  Richard Hamilton`s work from 1956, titled „Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?“ At that time the work was a commentary on the dawn of the consumer […]


Let´s paint the town – Mondrian Style


In celebration of 100 years of De Stijl art movement, The Hague is „Mondrianizing“ prominent buildingy of the city.  In line with the year long program „Mondrian to Dutch Design“ numerous buildings will be covered up in black, white, blue, yellow, and red rectangles, simulating  Piet Mondrian’s signature and revolutionary geometric painting style. The adaptation of Mondrian’s […]


„Field Trip“ – a collaboration between Independent Collectors and Indechs


“Field Trip” is a biweekly collaboration between and Independent Collectors – an online platform for collectors of contemporary art. Carefully curated and documented through our own personal experiences, each online article is a personal journey within the art world; featuring exclusive studio visits and exhibition views from galleries and museums world wide. This time […]


Shelter from the storm


Designed to resist extreme weather conditions on the exposed site on Mount Kanin, which is known for its inclement weather conditions, with record snowfalls and rains, as well as strong winds.OFIS Arhitekti worked with local structural engineers CBD to develop the Kanin Winter Cabin. The 9.7-square-metre cabin has a narrow floor plan containing three shelf-like floors, and has dimensions of […]


shop until you drop

Horton Plaza, Jon Jerde.1982-1985, San Diego, USA © The Jerde Partnership

An exhibition at the museum of the technical university in Munich is dedicated to the architecture of shopping malls. Store next to store,next to cafes next to convenient stores, independent of wind and weather conditions, the large structures host everything the shopper dreams of. Within a small radius you can find the perfect pair of […]


Translucent ruin „The Mansio“ is traveling through England

image: brotherton-lock

For the first time, Hexham Book Festival called out for applications to design mobile tea-house. The idea was to create a mobile place where authors can present their works. The winner, Matthew Butcher, Kieran Wardle and Owain Williams finally created a contemporary structure celebrating new work from writers, artists and thinkers: „the Mansio„. Within the conceptual and […]


„De Streken“ a Floating Observatory by Marc van Vliet


Celebrating the moment when the sun stand stills, Marc van Vliet`s  wooden structure in the North of the Netherlands changes with the tides. Placed in the center of „zeven streken“ (seven illuminated points of the compass), observers find themselves in the middle of a large entity that occupies the landscape out as far as the horizon. with each […]