Don´t think linear

A collective project by Felica Fontaine and Alexandra Herget

“It all started with the flu, a Moleskine and a pen. I started drawing a line and coughed. And here we go: A line that coughs. And then I just went wild. For the next hours I drew dozens of lines: a line that goes up, a line that goes down, a line that isn’t a line, a tanned line, a pale one, a line representing fake news, one that is just fine, a line on LSD, a line that once divided East from West …”, Alexandra tells us while sipping her coffee, all over sudden taking out her notebook and scribbling down a line. “It’s an addiction. Don’t start – you will see them everywhere”. “We realized that lines provide great space for imagination. Or as Paul Klee put it “Die Linie ist Gedanke” (the line is thought), and the thought is the “Medium zwischen Erde und Kosmos” (medium between earth and cosmos)”, Felica goes on. “So when Alexandra asked me to join in just a few hours after her first line-drawing episode, I was hooked as well. It is fun, challenging, and it makes us reconsider, laugh, think, be creative, see things from another perspective.”

“Linear and non-linear thinking finds its place in many fields – be it of art historical, philosophical, managerial, etc. origin. A line is the primum movens – the first moveable action – and thus inventive. A line creates, gestaltet. It offers great room for maneuver, Gestaltungsspielraum, and is found everywhere,” Alexandra adds. “The multi-layered meanings, different contours and shapes, and the abundant cohesions as well as connections, trigger laughter, contemplation, humor, imagination. We realized: the world is full of expressive, dynamic, lively, happy, sensitive lines,” she goes on. “Form, shape, scope and complexity vary so extremely that we presume that the line is like the universe. Infinite.” Felica continues: “What is our aim? Well, if there must be a purpose… We want to see non-linear thinking. Everywhere! From everyone! There is only one perquisite: The line has to be drawn in one stroke.”

Join Alexandra’s and Felica’s project! Do not think linear and send in your (single-stroke) line to Instagram @donotthinklinear #donotthinklinear or