Indechs is an online platform for the exchange of and discourse around contemporary culture from around the world, focusing on art, design, architecture, film and literature. Dedicated to finding a fresh selection for daily updates, keen on delivering exclusive content, famous for its highly researched interviews with protagonist from the creative fields and driven to introduce individual and unique specials, Indechs has grown to one of the leading digital archives of the creative world. Since its launch in autumn 2012, this content driven standard has been underlined by its constant growth of a global, extensive readership. Together with the world wide Indechs community, the Indechs team and its broadcasting archive a bright future is inevitable.

Indechs is part of the Cultural Avenue GmbH.

Cultural Avenue

Cultural Avenue GmbH was formed as a multidisciplinary hub, combining “Cultural Avenue”  – an agency for cultural projects, “Salon Kennedy” – a space for exhibitions located in Frankfurt am Main and “Indechs” – an online archive adding to the discourse of contemporary art and culture.

Cultural Avenue
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