Interview with Art Lovers Club Berlin – Anja Groeschel

Contemporary Club Culture

The art world is complex and multi-layered and is, as a network with its numerous members, geared strongly to an international public. The art world changes quicker and quicker, which makes it an exciting as well as a challenging environment. We believe that holistic knowledge and good contacts in this environment are crucial. This applies equally to artists, curators, gallery owners as well as collectors and art lover. The Art Lovers Club offers the opportunity to network with each other and access to exclusive knowledge through its diverse events.


First of all, could you please outline the concept and intention behind the Art Lovers Club in a few words?

The Art Lovers Club is a network, which organises events for people from the art world.  Moreover, the ALC plans exclusive events for women who are in large numbers active members or part of the network to support a mutual exchange.

Why is it a women-only club?

Primarily, it just happened that way. Right now, all monthly events are for women only, trips, talks parties and dinners however, also include men.

What kind of projects does the ALC offer and hence, what advantages does a membership in the ALC entail?

Studiovisits, exhibitions, visits to private collections, gallery and museum tours, talks, parties, dinners and trips, everything that makes the art world worth while. A focus lies on the professional engagement and exchange of the members – which format we call “Mitglieder im Dialog”, “Members in dialogue”.

Who can become a member, and what does an application process looks like?

An interest in art or a professional participation in the arts is a prerequisite. The application process itself is done internally yet of course with the consensus by the board.

In other cultures, club memberships are not only a tool for social interactions but also for public standing, stemming mostly out of old traditions. Do you see a similar trend emerging in continental Europe?

Of course, we are operating along those traditions. One only has to think of the salon-culture, which was primarily cultivated through women.Yet, we are living in the 21st century and hence, create something own and contemporary. We have to incorporate of course its tradition, yet at the same time develop further and appropriate today’s notions.

Is a profound knowledge of the arts or even a profession in this field crucial for a membership at the ALC?

No, but a profound interest in the field is essential.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland the concept of the Kunstverein has a long lasting tradition. As the name explains Kunstverein (Art club), too, includes a membership. Besides the organisation of exhibition Kunstvereine usually offer a range of activities such as lectures, trips to art events etc. Besides, the part of exhibiting art, how does the ALC differentiate itself from such a ‘Verein’?

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We are a large, professional network and at the same time an exclusive members club. Vereine (Clubs) are either characterised by a vicinity to  existing institutions or by a homogeneous member structure. All our members are stakeholders of the art market without an explicit proximity to institutions. The ACL incorporates various networks and stakeholders within and without the art world and we do not operate in close proximity of an institution. We are independent and internationally oriented.

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To what extend does the ALC interact with art?  Is it purely on an intellectual level, is their a support structure for lets say, emerging artists or even a club-distinct collection of art?

We act on all levels. We convey sophisticated contents, advice collections as well as young artists in how to position and establish themselves on the market. Our goal is to transmit content as well as an access on all perspectives – be it collector, artist, dealer or someone working in a museum. Art and the art market is the vantage point for all our events, contacts and formats.

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Is a residency in Berlin a requirement for the acceptance of a member in order to keep it on a local scale?

No. We already have many international members and are planning on expanding internationally.

How big is the ALC and is there a limit in its size to keep a unique and personal exchange? Or is the focus rather on an open structure and a network.

The size of the ALC is remarkable – it extends beyond Berlin, nationally as well as internationally. There is no clear structure, rather it is an outcome of the exhibition formats. However, considering the current growth, the question whether a certain structure would make sense in the long-run become valid.

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Lets look at one event, your travel to the opening of the Venice Biennale 13, in more detail. How does a participation work? How is such a trip structured?

In order to take part in an event such as the trip to the Biennale, one has to register as the number of available spaces is limited. For such events, we benefit  from our network. Artists or curators exclusively guide us through the pavilions, allow us access to private collections and join us for parties.

Besides the trip to Venice, what’s next on the agenda?

We will keep on doing monthly events for the members of the club. Moreover, we will organise exclusive VIP tours to events such as the gallery weekend. One further trip is planned for this year. To find out more, contact

Thank you very much!


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