Maximilian Peter „Atlantic – A Journey“

We are very excited to feature „Atlantic – A journey“ – composed by the one and only MAXIMILIAN PETER:

Atlantic – A Journey – Original Score – Track 8: A New Adventure The Atlantic. The sea beyond the Atlas Mountains – with all its water, with all its waves. Against it: a woman in a small boat. A journey across the world´s second largest ocean begins. With it a fight between human and nature.
The documentary project Atlantic – A Journey described the adventurous journey across the gigantic ocean; the fight between human and nature. The music reflects the main components of the story: the ocean as well the adventuress and her boat. For the ocean the music is rhythmically inspired, underlines the ocean´s restlessness, also his whole, unforeseeable power. Surrounded by the body of water, the woman seems like the boat more breakable, more lost on the ´endless´ sea, so the music sounds more breakable, more lyrical than the material for the ocean. The flute, the solo viola or violin underline melodically the fragility of the boat and its occupant. The music is more lyrical, but serves also as a mirror for the inner feelings and thoughts of the protagonist. ´The Journey Begins´ and ´A New Adventure´ – cues, which include the main thematic material – stand also for the grandeur and beauty of the deep blue sea.
Atlantic – A Journey picks the fight between nature and human out as a central theme. The music tries to reflect that in an almost archaic way. The piano with its rhythmic pattern underlines the wild, rough sea – the waves, the storm, the danger –, but the piano seems also the last sounding connection to the human civilization.
Let the journey begin!