Alphabet of Light

Bjarke Ingels teamed up with Artemide to design a series of lights based on words and graphic signs. The Alphabet of light consists of two linear elements of different length and two round owns that are combined with a system of letters, numbers and symbols. The round elements, available in two diameters, can be separated […]


„Field Trip“ – a collaboration between Independent Collectors and Indechs

“Field Trip” is a biweekly collaboration between and Independent Collectors – an online platform for collectors of contemporary art. Carefully curated and documented through our own personal experiences, each online article is a personal journey within the art world; featuring exclusive studio visits and exhibition views from galleries and museums world wide. This time […]


Let´s paint the town – Mondrian Style

In celebration of 100 years of De Stijl art movement, The Hague is „Mondrianizing“ prominent buildingy of the city. In line with the year long program „Mondrian to Dutch Design“ numerous buildings will be covered up in black, white, blue, yellow, and red rectangles, simulating Piet Mondrian’s signature and revolutionary geometric painting style. The adaptation […]


New Furniture

The recent exhibition at the design gallery Chambers, in New York presents a collection of furniture, curated by Matylda Krzykowski as an homage to Richard Hamilton`s work from 1956, titled „Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?“ At that time the work was a commentary on the dawn of the […]


Wolfgang Tillmans: Fragile – Visual Album –

Writer´s Wednesday – On exhibitions

Kunstverein Wiesen e.V. presents the duo exhibition with Robert Brambora and Jan Kiefer “Forward to history“. Thematically juxtaposing the works by both artists, partially developed specifically for the space, allows for a discourse around turmoil and changing technology, accompanying problems and the reflection thereof in todays society. Starting with a mutual interest in materiality and […]


Liz West colours up the church

British Artist Liz West installed around 700 mirrors made out of acrylic glass in 17 different colors, measuring between 30 and 60 cm diameter inside a historic church to highlight the architectural delicacy. The church has been renovated to be re-used as a space for exhibitions. The mirror plates are placed on different heights to […]