Interview with Awst & Walther


This week we are focusing around the upcoming Gallery Weekend and will be talking to artists, gallerists, collectors and present the exhibitions to see, places to be and art to experience. Indechs had the chance to start our debate with the Berlin based artist duo Awst & Walther. Awst & Walther has developed to a leading […]


Interview with Distanz Verlag – Uta Grosenick and Christian Boros


Distanz is a publishing company based in Berlin under the management of Christian Boros and Uta Grosenick. It releases books and exhibition catalogues on the visual arts as well as photography, architecture, design and fashion of the 20th and 21st century. Furthermore, Distanz Publishing produces artist monographs and anthologies in collaborations with prestigious editors and authors and […]


Interview with Stefano Rabolli Pansera


Stefano Rabolli Pansera is an Italian architect, architectural theorist, urbanist and curator. Rabolli Pansera studied at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London where he graduated with Honours in 2005 and where he taught as Unit Master of Intermediate Unit 5 from 2007 to 2011. Help are close, outlet. It’s however. I’m. Product the to cheap viagra […]


Interview with Exactitudes


Since 1994, Dutch photographer Ari Versluisand anthropologist Ellie Uyttenbroek have been trekking the globe together, recording“exactitudes” — “exact attitudes” captured in people’s peculiar dress code as an attempt to differentiate themselves from others or identify with a group.  The project is a deliberate collage of contradictions — between individuality and conformity, between street style and studio setting, between self […]


Interview with Julian Mayor


Julian Mayor is an artist and designer based in East London. His work is inspired by the sculptural possibilities of computers combined with industrial and craft making processes. His designs have been shown at the V&A London, Rossana Orlandi Milan, FAT Galerie Paris and 21st21st New York, and he has also installed a permanent series […]


Interview Analia Saban – Beyond Painting

courtesy Caren Levin

Analia Saban is a contemporary artist working in Los Angeles. Her work encompasses drawing, painting and sculpture. Saban has said of her work that „I use a spectrum of materials depending on what needs to be conveyed through the work.“ She often works with materials in ways that confuse or subvert their typical meaning or use in studio art practice: for example, […]


Sunday Read


Sunday Read is a weekly feature on books we come across and like.  In addition to of course the content, our focus lies primarily on the design, its haptic and layout. This is reflected upon through unique set ups, that is presented in a series of photographs. A small statement in the end provides you with all […]