Saturday Soundtrack – Max Peter on the best in film music 2002

Far From Heaven (Elmer Bernstein), Minority Report (John Williams), Road to Perdition (Thomas Newman), Signs (James Newton Howard), The Sum of all Fears (Jerry Goldsmith)

Elmer Bernstein (1922 – 2004) was one of the best composers in the business. Albert Pujols Jersey He first grabbed movie-goer´s ears with his phenomenal, all-jazz score for The Man with the Golden Arm, which earned him the first of 13 Academy Award nominations. nike air max pas cher He became more famous for his western scores: his score for The Magnificent Seven (1960) is one of the very best film music compositions not only for the western genre, but also of American cinema history. The score was influenced by teacher Aaron Copland (1900-1990), who wrote music for the concert hall, but also composed great and influential film music. Bernstein´s music for To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) was the first full step into musical romanticism and the score for The Great Escape (1963) was pure adventure. In 2002, Bernstein wrote the music for the drama film Far From Heaven, directed and written by Todd Haynes and starring Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid. It was nominated for four Oscars, including Julianne Moore (for Best Actress), who plays a 1950s housewife living in a suburb and sees her perfect life begin to fall apart. Elmer Bernstein was nominated for an Academy Award, too, for his masterful music for the film, which has a very intimate style. Bernstein decided to use a small orchestra for his soundtrack and composed a piano-driven score, which is highly melodic. He used the piano because it is a „really domestic instrument that you´d expect to find in a surburban house„ like the one in the film“. Julio Jones Alabama Football Jerseys In his long career, Bernstein won an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards.

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  • For Far From Heaven, he didn´t win one of these trophies, but his score is one of the best scores of the genre in the 2000s. 2002 was also a great year for Thomas Newman. air max 1 pas cher Born in Los Angeles, he is the youngest son of legendary composer Alfred Newman (1901-1970), who composed music for many film scores, including Wuthering Heights (1939) and How the West was Won (1963). Thomas and his brother David Newman (also a film composer) are part of the ´´Newmans´´, the greatest film-scoring dynasty in Hollywood (don´t forget cousin Randy Newman, who is also part of the family).

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  • In 2002, Thomas Newman wrote an evocative score for Sam Mendes´ crime thriller film Road to Perdition – one of the cinematic treasures of the year. The film stars Tom Hanks and Paul Newman, who is seen here in his final live-action film role, for which he earned an Oscar nomination in the category Best Supporting Actor. Composer Newman also was nominated for the beloved statue, but lost to the music for Frida, written by Elliot Goldenthal.

    After 2001´s Kubrick-inspired A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Steven Spielberg came back in 2002 with his thrilling science fiction movie Minority Report, although this adaptation of Philip K. Victor Cruz Jersey Dick´s story was originally developed for Jan De Bont (Speed, The Haunting). Zapatillas New Balance Of course, the music for Spielberg´s action-oriented project was composed by John Williams – a contrast to his more romantical compositions for The Patriot and A.I. the years before. Williams wrote an action score not often heard in his career. It reminds someone of Bernard Herrmann´s dark scores of the 50s and 60s and included the era´s greatest film music cliche, the wordless, wailing voice.

    James Newton Howard´s 2002-score for M.Night Shyamalan´s movie Signs is even more suspenseful, exciting and dramatic than Williams´ work for Spielberg. It is one of James Newton Howard´s all-time masterpieces and sounds nothing like his earlier work for the director (The Sixth Sense or Unbreakable). Even though the score was one of Newton Howard´s best works, his music wasn´t nominated for an Academy Award.

    In 2002 CIA analyst Jack Ryan came back on the big screen, too. The Sum of all Fears was the third film from Tom Clancy´s series of Jack Ryan-novels. In the movie, Jack Ryan has to avert a nuclear threat within the United States. The film took an usual approach that would soon become a standard: restarting the franchise by making the main characters young again. So Ben Affleck became the role of Jack Ryan and replaced Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford, who played Jack Ryan in the film version of the 90s. asics gel kayano 21 męskie Morgan Freeman took the Supporting Role and therefore a variant of James Earl Jones´ role. Legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith joined the team around director Phil Alden Robinson and wrote thrilling music for the project. The score is a carefully developed one, an intelligent and satisfying effort, that includes one of Goldsmith´s strongest (choral-dominated) main title themes, called ´The Mission´ (also performed by Shana Blake Hill). The action pieces are built around rhythmic string figures, with brass attacks that often develop the powerful main motif for the action scenes and percussion hits that have in turn one of Goldsmith´s most striking structures of the last few years. In short: the music for The Sum of all Fears is a winner.