Writer´s Wednesday – On exhibitions

Robert Brambora & Jan Kiefer | Forward to History at Kunstverein Wiesen e.V.

Robert Brambora | Untitled, 2016

Kunstverein Wiesen e.V. presents the duo exhibition with Robert Brambora and Jan Kiefer “Forward to history“. Thematically juxtaposing the works by both artists, partially developed specifically for the space, allows for a discourse around turmoil and changing technology, accompanying problems and the reflection thereof in todays society. Starting with a mutual interest in materiality and traditional techniques, both artists aim at finding a mean of combining them with contemporary topics and concepts. By doing so, Robert Brambora and Jan Kiefer adapt to the raw, unfinished and century old architecture of the exhibition space, integrating it in their works and displays, both conceptually and formally. Thereby, the visitors may become part of the artist`s own created, fictional narrative. Throughout the exhibition, the works by Robert Brambora and Jan Kiefer are displayed separately, functioning in a dialogue while at the same time remaining individual artistic complexes. “Forward to history” is the first personal encounter of Jan Kiefer and Robert Brambora. Despite different production locations and vitae, the approach and interests of both artists intertwine. Thus, the exhibition finally results in a complete installation out of paintings, sculpture, video and readymade. Equally inspired by advertisements – in form of commercials as well as professions – its aesthetics, messages and effects , both artists use direct slogans and subtle messages to deal with more extensive, often existential questions that accompany us along the way.