Yves Scherer – Sunset

Kunstverein Wiesen e.V.

Inspired by the infamous hotel „Chatau Marmont“ locates on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, Yves Scherer captures the history and former function oft he exhibition venue Schloss Wiesen in order to transfer it into todays time. According to the legend, the former hunting castle served as an inspiration to the brothers Grimm fairy tale „Snow-white“. It is said, that Snow-white cruel stepmother, who finally poisoned her, used to stay at the castle from time to time. Used as sort of a transit place and representative venue of the elector of Mainz to entertain his guests, Schloss Wiesen became a place of myth and legends. Just as the castle owes its reputation to the destiny of one aristocratic girl,, Chateau Marmont has equally gained recognition through certain events of movie stars or musicians that had been captured in form of Paprazzi photographs..

In his practice Yves Scherer deals with the phenomena oft he celebrity cult, which is propelled through media and consumed by the viewer, who takes on the role of the voyeur. The exhibition juxtaposes two spaces that are similar in its function and influence, despite being shifted in time and place. Scherer creates a fictional correlation of time and realities, undermined by legend and different narratives, where the artists subtly integrates himself . The viewer inevitably takes on the role of the obsessed fan, the intruder, who creates his very own reality while discovering the exhibition space